About us

About Us
We are polish manufacturer of toys with almost 27 years of experience and we belong also to the one of the most recognizable children’s brands in the industry. We are offer over 300 articles and every year we are introduced further innovations.

Our Vision / Our Mission

We believe that the best way of learning is fun. Children should be teaching during the time they play and our company offers them simple and creative toys in basic color to better understand of the world from the beginning of their life. Wader's mission is to support parents and kindergarten teachers in ensuring normal psychomotor development of children in their first years of life by providing high quality, safe toys in developing children's creativity, ability to shape the thinking and encourage the child to the playground movement.

The company has initiated educational campaigns aimed at increasing safety awareness among children.

Resources Company
The company has modern machines with molds for the production of new toys.

Big warehouses with an area of about 5000 m2 are able continuity of production throughout the year, also in the last quarter of the year during the most intense selling. In 2010 there were opened new production hall with an area of 3 800 m2. At the beginning of 2013, we were built a new warehouse - capacity for 6000 euro-palletes. 

The company "Wader - Wozniak" has a well-developed distribution network, which consists of:

  • Two central warehouses in Dabrowa Gornicza,

  • Sales subsidiaries in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary,
  • More than 40 domestic and foreign carriers.

Customs is remote from us about 2 km. Our toys are delivered to customers, both by land and by sea (eg to India or Australia).

With such a developed sales network, in a very short time from an order, we can deliver products to all of our clients.


We sell our toys to over 70 countries around the world, including South Korea, South Africa, Iceland, Mongolia, Australia, India, New Zealand, Lebanon or Canada.

Awards and prizes

  • 2017 Award in the "World Fit for Children" awarded by the Rights of the Child Protection Committee for Super Tech Truck's.
  • 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2012 and 2013 - The title "Business Gazelle" awarded by the journal "Business Pulse" and Coface Poland Intercredit
  • 2011 Award in the "World Fit for Children" awarded by the Rights of the Child Protection Committee for Kid Series 3D Cars
  • 2007 Award "Superproduct" awarded by the magazine "I have a child" for Gigant Refuse Lorry
  • 1998 and 2003 Gold Medal of Poznan International Fair
  • 1995 and 2000 Mark "Good Design" awarded by the Institute of Industrial Design for 11 toys

Wader in numbers

  • No. 1 in car sales in Poland for children,
  • 8 warehouses in Poland,
  • over 27 years on the market,
  • export to more then 70 countries around the world,
  • 150 kg car endurance series Gigant,
  • co-operation with 800 stores in Poland,
  • More than 300 models of toys available in store.