Good news for parents - toys will be safer

They look innocent, they are: beautiful, colorful, squeaking, pleasant to the touch, they can fly, have infinitely many "magical properties" and can be deadly for our child - toys. Toxic, badly constructed, imported from China, Mexico, are the real threat to the safety and health of our puppies. Force from 20 July 2011, strengthened EU rules on toy safety, provide them better control.

The new regulation governing the toy market is to avoid dangerous toys to life and health of children. Enacted  legislation will ensure greater security, greater responsibility of producers and importers, and more rigorous supervision.

With the new, restrictive legislation enjoys the company Wader - Polish manufacturer of toys for children. "We have been waiting for this directive, because we are keen that all available on our market toys are safe for the youngest users. For 20 years, we place great emphasis on the production of toys that are durable and most importantly, safe. All our products have certificates and safety certificates in accordance with the new regulation, which are now downloadable from our website "- says Marcin Wozniak, CEO of the company Wader - Wozniak and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Polish Association of Industry Toy and Children.

"We also encourage parents to check toys. Is it bears the required CE marking, is accompanied by the required documents such as safety information in your language, and whether the manufacturer / importer, to enable the toy affixed its identification (name or the name of the manufacturer's branch, the address of its registered office) ... .. "

The new regulation eliminates from the market, including products intended for play but described as being like "advertising material" or having the description "is not intended to be fun." Thanks to disappear from the market dangerous for children or children's mascot merchandise, and sales remain the only ones that are completely safe. After all, common practice is to determine the small toys as "advertising material", so the object could have dangerously small pieces or too many strings and illegal chemicals in children.

The new rules apply to all toys marketed in the European Union from 21 July 2011.

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